New Innovative Technology or SCAM? Red Light Therapy Anti Aging Reviewed

27 Apr

New Innovative Technology or SCAM? Red Light Therapy Anti Aging Reviewed

Red Light Therapy for your skin – real or scam?

I recently got a ton of emails asking us if red light therapy treatments actually help your skin look younger.

So in this post I decided to answer this question and let you guys know my thoughts.

Led light therapy became extremely popular recently, but does it work?

is it a good alternative for botox treatments? lets find out.


heres what wikipedia has to say about led light therapy (Recommended)

Red Light Therapy – The Benefits

Right off the bat, red light therapy is supposed to increase collagen and reduce the depth of wrinkles.

The heat also helps stimulating your blood circulation and helps with tightening your skin.

When it comes to before & after pics, ive seen many happy customers.

Is it 100% sure? nobody knows, but so far, ive used a led light therapy device and it does seem to reduce wrinkles at least around my eyes.


Best Red Light Therapy Device – Which one should I buy?

Recently, esthetics hub released an article reviewing the best handheld led light therapy device to use at home.

I’m a big fan of the esthethics hub group and these guys are doing a great job then def check them out.

From what i’ve personally seen so far, i love the red led light therapy device by eternal beauty.

Its cheaper than the alternatives and it definitely works great.

Also the design looks amazing.


The bottom line – should I use led light therapy for my skin?

Well, it really depends.

if youre trying to save money on facelifts / botox treatments, led light therapy can be great for you.

It was proven to be effective, it takes a little longer to effect your skin vs these treatments.

But it also is more ‘natural’ and not as intrusive.

All that being said, facelift is generally an easier process for anti aging purposes, the reason is, its a procedure and after you heal, the results are there.

The cons of a facelift are basically 2 – its extremely expensive, and it doesnt last for that long.

So definitely I recommend that you give led light therapy a shot before trying these intrusive procedures.

Hope you liked this post! ill try to keep updating my blog more often (its hard work!)


keep your skin young!


23 Mar

Get Gorgeous In A Flash For Your Special Event

Waiting for almost virtually any exceptional function is time-consuming and high priced, hence incorporating additional measures to an own beauty regimen can possibly be more stressful. Whenever picking fresh measures to the own beauty regimen, be certain that they truly are both effective and potent. The aim is thoroughly clean and skin care epidermis, that will be best for the huge moment! Your distinctive event is going to be recorded permanently through graphics and selfies and consequently, evident skin can be critical with this particular day since filters may just do a lot better. Following are a number of my own favourite beauty hints, and possess you ever looking perfect from head to toe!

Make The Fantastic Lips

Picking out your lipstick to enhance your apparel may be long procedure, but your own lips needs to remain sterile and clean to get an application to become perfect. Take out lifeless skin from blending salt and honey in a little cup. After that, have a toothbrush and lightly brush your lips at a circular movement so as to accomplish every area of one’s lips. As soon as you’re finished, include decorative glue into them as a way to maintain them sleek. Exfoliated lips can additionally aid your lipstick stay on through the duration of the evening time.


Eliminate Blemishes

Even a pimple around the huge evening is actually a nightmare, so however, you’ll ensure it is not as observable having an ice block. Apply an ice cube onto a pimple for around 30 minutes to decrease the inflammation. Then apply eye drops onto the tissue and then apply it into a pimple. The drops will decrease the inflammation of this pimple thereby which makes it more recognizable. Look at a gold goddess by simply blending fluid bronzer having a buff body lotion, then massage it in your arms. It will temporarily moisturize skin and also provide it a glow.


Create your shine Multi-task

Maintain a white lip shine on your desk to glossy maybe not merely in your own lips but in addition in your own forehead straps along with cheekbones as being a highlighter. Blend one piece base with a single portion fluid illuminator, after that make use of your palms to massage all of it over the face area.

Educate your eyelids

Just before you apply some other attention makeup, then combine a creamy concealer on your eyelids and in the internal corners of one’s eyes. This may provide your shadow with a foundation to stay glued to hide some discolouration.


Re-style your pony

To get a simple, tasteful tress consequence, utilize a Finetooth spoon to tease your origins in the top of one’s face. Subsequently, roll your own hair into a very low ponytail and secure with an elastic.